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Aug 16

Apparently, Spam is Getting a Flavor Makeover and it's Pumpkin Spice!


According to CNN, the new product, which started as a somewhat of a joke, will be available at Wal-Mart and as soon as September 23, just in time for the fall, all things pumpkin spice food frenzy.


While just the thought of pumpkin spiced Spam may turn up most noses, Daily Mail shared that a few of their staff sampled the limited -edition goods, and well, it was good. One person said the taste was similar to maple breakfast sausage.


So, what's the deal? How is the pumpkin spice season still gaining momentum? Longwood University assistant professor of psychology Catherin Franssen told CNN in 2017, "Sugar and pumpkin spice are an addictive combination that the brain learns to crave. And with seasonal marketing from pumpkin spice pushers like Starbucks, brains and bodies begin to associate autumn and comfort with the flavor."


I guess we can say, it's all in our head. Our own neurology created this new Spam?

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