Donna B's Cajun Shrimp Skillet

One of the things I've loved most about teaching cooking classes is I get to meet some wonderful people. We share a joy for cooking, hosting, and serving others. Many times our connection continues beyond the classroom. Well, Donna B. is a perfect example. We've had multiple classes together with her sister and family, and I saw one of the most impressive Superbowl party spreads I've seen at her home earlier this year. One day, I'll tell you about the mega salad. Donna B. has a true joy for cooking and I always enjoy hearing what she's up to, in the kitchen. She sent me this picture one day and I've been hungry ever since. It was inspired by her own cooking prowess, plus a few conversations we've had about using what you have in your fridge to create a quick and delish meal. She shared her recipe. Enjoy!


  • Large shrimp (16-20 count size shrimp)

  • Turkey or Beef Link Sausage

  • Zucchini (medium)

  • Yellow Squash (medium)

  • Asparagus (1 bunch)

  • Red Bell Pepper

  • Salt & Pepper to Taste

  • 2 TBSP Olive Oil

  • 2 TBSP Cajun Seasoning


  1. Combine the shrimp, sausage, zucchini, squash, asparagus, bell pepper, salt and pepper in a large bowl.

  2. Add the olive oil and Cajun seasoning and toll until the veggies are coated.

  3. Place mixture in a large skillet or wok on medium high heat 

  4. Cook about 5-7 min until shrimp is pink and veggies are tender

You can serve this as is, over rice, with potatoes, or with pasta.

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